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In 2015 I was asked to help with a Start Up called Garth Manor Cinema, a genre cinema and events group in Austin TX. To help get the site off the ground, we held some fantastic 35mm screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse of Re-Animator, Evil Dead 2, and Jason Lives, along with some great shorts like Flush(dir. Matt Cooper) and Badguy#2(dir. Chris McInroy). To top it off we had Special Effects Legend Robert Kurtzman in attendance for Evil Dead 2, along with the most interesting man in Hollywood, Tom McLoughlin, director of Jason Lives.


For the site, I was responsible for the branded event recap videos, and the interview series with these incredible, and inspiring filmmakers. It was an honor to be apart of this project, as these men have greatly inspired me since I was a kid, and they continue to do so with their latest works. Within the fist month Garth Manor gained a 10K + following and continues to produce genre filled content today in the heart of Austin Texas.



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Our Recap, Q&A, and Mini-Doc Interview with Legendary FX Legend Robert Kurtzman for Garth Manors EVIL DEAD 2 Event. This was also the first appearance of Garth Manor's Mascot Ghouly and the custom event posters.



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Our Recap, Q&A, and Mini-Doc Interview with Director Tom McLoughlin for Garth Manors Jason Lives Event. 


Young Blood

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The First installment of Garth Manor's Young Blood Filmmaker Showcase where we feature upcoming talent in the genre comunity.


Frightmare 2015

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Garth Manor's Texas Frightmare Weekend Recap 2015.


Gig Posters

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Static promotional material I designed for Garth Manor's earlier Events.

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